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Blueprint Notebook: Technical Innovations


EAN: 9789188369772

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Blueprint Notebook: Technical Innovations is more than a notebook. Each page features a beautiful blueprint of a brilliant historic innovation. The bright blue high quality paper is perfect for taking notes and writing down your thoughts and to-do lists. Featuring some of the most important technical innovations of the past 200 years ranging from the archimedes screw, the steam engine, the enigma machine and the light bulb over high flying objects such as the helicopter, the satellite and the space capsule, to modern devices such as the personal computer, the compact disc player and the video game console. Blueprint Notebook: Technical Innovations gives you the opportunity to get inspired by some of history s most ingenious technical inventions when sketching on your own ideas for the next big thing] Blueprint Notebook: Technical Innovations is a perfect fit for pockets and purses, making it a great companion for your daily creative life, or an inspirational surprise for a good friend

15.0 x 10.5 x 0.8cm