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Poet's Tarot, The


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'The day is perfect. The thousand little things that go wrong make it complete. The sea is littered with dead seaweed. On the beach, shoeless, you've just stepped on a glob of tar; its insistent pulp clings to your toes. But you don't care. You accept the peskiness of the fly and the distraction of the mongrel sniffing your leg. Such is the world: always more beautiful than the perfect utopias contrived by your wishes.' The Poet's Tarot - by Josep Miquel Sobrer. A revered text, reproduced with the flare of Liminal 11] THE POET'S TAROT by Josep Miquel Sobrer is a wholehearted celebration of tarot, its history, sacred geometry, symbolism, and architypes. This book has been a steadfast in the tarot community and an asset to those learning the craft, with positive reviews. Each card is lovingly researched and celebrated in lyrical text that will reveal new ways of seeing the cards as not just cards but living stories. You will explore the characters of tarot, from their aesthetic to th

18.3 x 13.4 x 2.7cm