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Cat Circus Tea Towel - Pink


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Come on into the circus of cat ownership with this fun-packed tea towel and game combined] Hand-printed in our Deptford studio, this 100% cotton tea towel makes a purrr-fect gift for cat lovers of all ages. The aim of the game is for your cat to end up curled up asleep in its bed, after an exhausting day of entertainment and exasperation. Along the way it does crazy things that cat owners will be familiar with, such as eating at other houses, catching birds, sitting in bags and even becoming an internet sensation] Follow the instructions on each space to see if your cat's actions speed up or slow down the game. The winner is the one who avoids the most pitfalls and gets to the basket first] Four counters and a number spinner are designed into the packaging, you just need to cut them out, and add a pencil or similar to the spinner. Of course, you could just use it as a tea towel. Size - Approx 47cm x 80cmDogs of London Tea Towel - a playful exploration of the character and

22.5 x 13.5 x 0.8cm

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